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Gale Crater, Mars
High −6°C / Low −67°C

It is now (unable to load data) LMST at Gale Crater.

This weather report was received on February 17, 2013. Weather information is provided by the Rover Environmental Monitoring Station (REMS), a set of instruments on the Curiosity rover produced by the Spanish Centro de Astrobiología in cooperation with the Finnish Meteorological Institute. You can follow daily reports through the REMS twitter feed.

The weather is updated infrequently, depending on the requirements of the rover’s data package. Both the weather icon and the background color change in real-time, depending on the local time of day at the landing site. Click the report to toggle the temperature between degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit.

LMST stands for Local Mean Solar Time, an average time based on Mars’ orbit and rotation, and uses a 24 hour clock in which the time units are 2.7% longer than our Terran counterparts. Read more about Martian timekeeping on WikiPedia. The LMST given here is retrieved from and synced with that provided by the REMS report, and therefore small discrepancies can occur.

Weather icons: Meteocons, via IcoMoon App.